Balkanized at Sunrise

Balkanized at Sunrise


A Memoir of a Reluctant Propagandist Read more...

Immortality Wars

Immortality Wars

SF Novel

"Death Before Immortality!" Read more...

Chats from Beyond

Chats from Beyond


Stories to amuse, frighten and disturb Read more...

Moto Anjos

Moto Anjos

Feature Film

It takes a thief to rob a thief Read more...

SPACE BROTHERS -- they put the Soul in Solar System

Space Bros

A feature film/tv series about two cosmic dicks who get all the chicks!

Story by Joe Tripician

Illustrations by Lawrence Christmas

In a galaxy born of funk, spins a planet the Space Brothers call:  Bootay.

The space in space for peace, love, and grooviness.

'Till one day, tragedy strikes, and two emissaries are sent to earth to recruit brothers and sistas.

Tinystump and Wack are Two Cosmic Dicks who get all the chicks!  From their platform shoes to their Afro picks!

When the demons of darkness meet the freaks of funk in the hills of hip-hop...the universe hangs in the balance!

Get ready to jack in, and funk out, with the Brothers who put the soul in solar system.

Space Brothers:  In Space EVERYONE can hear da funk!

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