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Joe Tripician

Balkanized at Sunrise

Balkanized at Sunrise


A Memoir of a Reluctant Propagandist Read more...

Ozark Melody

Jeff Buckley's Alien Song


Jeff Buckley's alien-inspired song Read more...

Immortality Wars

Immortality Wars

SF Novel

"Death Before Immortality!" Read more...

Moto Anjos

Moto Anjos

Feature Film

It takes a thief to rob a thief Read more...


New Brazilian feature film production announced 

Moto Anjos - Mood Reel (Story version):

Moto Anjos Poster

(Click here for Full-Size Poster)

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotoAnjosFilm

And on the film's official website: http://motoanjos.com/

Contact the Production: MotoAnjos @ Gmail [dot] com

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Read more...


Team Joy

Feature Film about a close family of grifters.

Snake Eyes

Danger falls on a father and his teenage hacker daughter when she unwittingly reveals them both as con artists.

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Read more...


A Pizza Chegou

"A Pizza Chegou" ("Pizza Run")

New short film by Joe Tripician

Watch the film here:

A Pizza Chegou poster

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Read more...


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Marty - The Martin Scorsese Story

Joe appears as the great American film director...

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